Review Policy

Advance Reader Copies/Finished Copies for Review:

Advance Reader Copies/Finished Copies for Review:

**At this time I am not currently taking any review requests with the exception of publishers/authors I have worked with in the past.

Feel free to contact me about setting up a promotional post and I will accommodate if I am able.**

We will give all books read a fair, honest, and well thought-out review and a grading of 3 - 5 Stars. We will not review anything we would rate below 3 Stars because the ultimate goal is to encourage, not discourage, readers from picking up a book. If we are unable to give a book at least 3 Stars, we will inform you of our decision via email. :)

If you would like us to review your book, please contact me:

I know a lot has been going on in the book blogging world lately, and let me say that I will NEVER bash a writer, their novel, or their publishers. That's not the way I do things, nor do I find it remotely acceptable. Please be aware that agreeing to review your book does not ensure a glowing review. I strive to be fair, impartial and honest in my assessment of every book.

I also post my reviews at,, and Goodreads. In addition, I tweet all my reviews for my followers to catch.

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I have no problem reviewing self-published or indie titles. I do review ebooks and egalleys, but they must be in ePUB or MOBI format only.

Author Interviews/Guest Blog Posts/Publisher Hosted Giveaways:

If I am reviewing one of your books and you would like me to host an interview, guest post, and/or giveaway, simply ask. I genuinely want to help authors get their story out any way possible. If my blog can be a vessel to that end, I am more than willing to help. Email me:


We are in no way compensated for the reviews we post or the books we receive for review, nor will we ever accept any compensation.