May 8, 2011

What's with the Dystopian Obsession?

Miss Remmers over at Miss Remmer's Review recently posted a challenge for bloggers to answer these questions:

  1. Write a post explaining why you think Dystopian fiction is so addicting. Why is everyone reading it? What does it say about our society that we want to read about WORSE societies? Are there any implications dystopian fiction's popularity has on our own society? What say you!!
  2. What is your favorite dystopian novel to date? Why did you like it? How does it stand apart from all the other countlessly recent dystopian novels? Why would you recommend it above all others in this genre?
And since I am a huge fan of dystopians, I had to answer (plus the prize she's offerring is pretty damn awesome).

1. I think people have embraced the dystopian genre because it shows a world more flawed than the one we live in. It makes you, on some level, appreciate what you have and remember that things can always get worse than what you have now. In a twisted way, it's a morale booster.

2. As cliche as it probably is, I think my favorite is the Hunger Games trilogy. I think this series the is eptiome of dystopian novels and it's the one all other dystopians are compared to. Although, I started "Incarceron" and that one is rapidly growing on me.


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