Sep 4, 2011

Review: Fateful by Claudia Gray

Title: Fateful
Author: Claudia Gray
Publisher:  HarperTeen
Publication Date: 9.13.2011
Pages: 356
Genre: Historical, Paranormal Romance
Series: No
Source: ARC from a friend

Rating: A-

Summary (from Goodreads):
It's about a servant girl named Tess in 1912, who wants to escape from the house where she works, and most particularly the lecherous young lord of the manor. But that's not her biggest problem. While on a voyage to America, where she plans to escape and start a new life, she meets Alec, who's ruggedly handsome, fabulously wealthy, intelligent and yet so clearly troubled that she'd rather not fall for him, but she does. That also is not her biggest problem. Alec, it turns out, is a werewolf ... one cursed to change every night, unless and until he surrenders his independence and joins the Brotherhood, a pack of violently misogynistic werewolves who have been tracking him for months. You'd think that would be their biggest problem, wouldn't you?

But no. Their biggest problem -- though they don't know it yet -- is that they're aboard the RMS

I’m fairly certain that by now everyone knows this story has been pitched as werewolves on the Titanic. Having never read a novel by Claudia Gray, I thought, “Well, I like werewolves and the Titanic. Why not?” What I did not foresee was the way this story would drag me under and consume me, making me late for work in my quest to get to the end.

I think I could enjoy any book where the setting was the Titanic. It immediately takes me back to a place in time where things were more regal and majestic. The name of that ill-fated ship alone conjures images of grandiose people looking hopefully towards the future with no clue what fate has in store for them. Needless to say, I was a huge fan of the setting of this book, but setting and circumstance mean nothing without a well-rounded cast to keep me entertained.

I felt so bad for Tess, and I hated how trapped she was. In a time where people were defined by their social class, she is essentially stuck. She’s found work as a servant, but she is treated cruelly by most of the Lisle family, the exception being Irene. Despite her bleak surroundings, she hasn’t lost her heart and that is what endeared her to me most. No matter how bad it got, she kept fighting. I also think her love with Alec will go down as one of my favorite book-romances of all time. They are, simply put, magic together. The way they protect and love each other is the stuff every girl dreams of.

While there is the obvious storyline of Tess and Alec and the Brotherhood, Gray weaves in several smaller storylines that really flesh out and pull this novel together. I loved Irene and Daisy’s stories, and the third class passengers I got to meet aboard the ship. They all enhanced the overall story, and not once did I get confused by all the added characters. Gray does a great job of giving them each their own, distinct personality and voice.

The story started a bit slow for my tastes, but quickly skyrocketed and swept me away. Bottom line: If you love the Titanic, read this. If you love werewolves, read this. If you love a fantastical romance? Read this. You won’t be sorry you bought this one.

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  1. Sounds really interesting! I love both werewolves and Titanic...

  2. This does sound like it would be a good book. And I agree that the thought of the Titanic makes you think of grand, regal times. And I love the idea of werewolves on the Titanic.

  3. Sounds fantastic! I'm so excited for this, I loved Claudia Gray's Evernight series and after I heard this was set on the Titanic, I knew I had to get it. Great Review!

  4. I'm in luck. My local library has already ordered it and I'm only #5 on the request list. Can hardly wait to read it.

  5. Wow...this book sounds really nice! You were late to work because of this! Whoa! I sure wanna read this one!

  6. Oh this one sounds great. I already read the Evernight series and should definitely read Fateful,too! Thanks for the review:)

  7. This is a great review. I love everything to do with the Titanic so I'm sure I would really enjoy this book!

  8. I have been unsure about reading this since I am not a huge fan of her Evernight series, but after reading your review, I think I'll have to give it a go :)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  9. OMG I love this book!!! I twas soooo good. I wasn't a huge fan of Claudia Gray's other series (Evernight series? something like that), so I was hesitant to pick this one up, but I'm really glad I did. I hated the Titanic movie, but this book was a really good rendition of the story. Halfway through the book, I forgot about the ship crashing and sinking! This book was so captivating, and it ended well. Great review!

  10. This book was just a bit to slow for me. I wish I had enjoyed it more.


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