Jan 20, 2012

Follow Friday (11)

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This weeks question:

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to get your hands on any particular book?

As of now that would be the midnight release of Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I went to my local Barnes and Noble for that, accompanied by my friend who was eight months pregnant with her first child at the time. We camped out in the children's section for three hours, giggling over books for babies and kids she wanted to get for her baby.
But give me a few months and I'll let you know if I did anything crazy at BookExpo America for a book. Although I suppose traveling to New York City for a three day book-fest would be considered crazy by some.
What have YOU done for a book?


  1. I went to the midnight release for Breaking Dawn as well. It was fun and I waited in line for hours. But that was not my craziest. New follower!

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  2. Ahhh i would LOVE to travel to New York for that. Sounds like a blast!!! I hope you have a happy Friday :)

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  3. I don't think we have things like that in France... Or in my city lol.

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  4. Ahh, you're going BEA?! AWESOME. Hope you have a crazy good time, hehe. ;)

    - New follower

  5. OMG BEA is gonna be amazing! One day I would love to go! I hope you have an amazing time! And that is really not crazy at all:p

    Great post, new follower:D


  6. I'd love to go for the book festival! Not crazy at all! New follower, here's mine!

  7. haha your friend really sure does love BD!! I'm
    surprised she didn't go into labor after that xD

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    -thank you&come again.

  8. Great Blog! New follower, here’s mine

  9. Great story! It's fun.

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  10. I have never waited for a book at midnight!

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  11. That is so awesome! I would love to do that too! When Breaking Dawn was out, I really wanted to get it on the day when the book is released but I had to wait for several days when my local bookshop had it!

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