Mar 19, 2012

Book Blogger Confessions (6)

This is a shiny, new blogger meme co-hosted by Tiger from Tiger's All Consuming Books and Karen at For What It's Worth Reviews. It's time to open up and share (and vent) about our blogging experiences!

The question is:

March 19th: Everyone LOVES that book! Why don't I? How do you handle being the one reviewer who doesn't like a book that's taking the blogosphere by storm? Do you write a review? Pretend you didn't read the book?

Sigh. This actually happened to me last year. I found myself not enjoying a book that people had been going on and on and ON about for months. I even pre-ordered the book because I just knew I would love it. And I didn't.

I did write a review. I read the book, after all, so I wrote my review and pointed out several times that this book wasn't my cup of tea. I feel like my review probably didn't matter that much because for my one not-so-glowing review, there were literally 100 positive ones. I doubt my review mattered much, especially since I was a newbie blogger at the time with only a couple hundred followers, and not very many replies.

I think if I were in that situation now, I just would stop reading the book. I honestly have too many books I have committed to reviewing to spend my reading time knowing I will strongly dislike a book (and you usually know by the mid-way point). If I don't finish a book, I don't review it. That may seem like a cop-out, but I absolutely hate writing negative reviews. A book is a person's tears, sweat, sleepless nights, and dreams all rolled into one binding, and I feel like crap when I write a negative review. I would hate that my own negative experience reading a book would keep someone from discovering a book they adore.


  1. I'm learning to not finish books that aren't working for me. I always felt like I had to trudge through until the end. I don't mid writing a negative review but I also don't want to waste my time on books that just aren't working for me when there are so many that will.

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  2. It took me a very long time to learn to stop reading books when I'm not enjoying them. No matter how much I couldn't stand a book I still had to keep reading to find out what happens in the end. However, that just led to me becoming miserable. So, I've learned to compromise with myself. I'll give a book 100-150 pages, but if it hasn't impressed me, I'll jump to the last chapter to find out the end and then move on to the next book. It has made things so much nicer for me when I hate a book.

  3. Hi Hannah =)
    I admire your ability to stop reading books! I tell myself all the time that if I'm not liking it I don't have to keep reading. But I just can't. Especially if it's been hyped about. I think there must be something...maybe it happens at the end and I'm going to miss it. Plus, books like Chime happen - where, at least for me, the ending was what made it great. So I'm still not able to just put down a book, but I think it would make my life much easier if I could.

  4. On the other hand, shouldn't we say something when a book doesn't work for us? Maybe we can keep other readers like us from wasting time and money. Of course, it helps to be able to specifically articulate why the book doesn't work.

  5. Lol! Life is too short for books you don't love!

  6. I try to finish all the books I set out to read now, even the ones I don't like. I don't usually come across too many that rub me the wrong way though so it hasn't become too big of an issue. I think writing negative reviews are okay as long as they are constructive and not just sass and sarcasm. I'm a very sarcastic person my nature, but I try to keep that out of my reviews because I know it can be taken the wrong way a lot of the time. It is very disappointing to find a book everyone loves, but you don't.


  7. I think it's perfectly ok to not post a review of a book if you don't like it enough to finish it. :) I have sometimes found that I just don't love a book as much as everyone else seems to, but usually, I can find something positive about it.

    Your comment about not liking a book after pre-ordering was something I did once and got burned on..... now, I get books from my library and if I really love then, then I buy a copy. :)

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