May 29, 2013

And we're off ... #BEA13!

It's here! It's finally HERE!

This morning Gabrielle and I will be boarding our train and headed to NYC for 3 intense, book-filled days (and one day of sight-seeing!). We'll be tweeting, posting pictures and whatnot while we're at BEA and other, so make sure you're following us:

Hannah: @irish_banana
Gabrielle: @GabrielleLayman

Also check out #BEA13 on twitter for all the fun. If you're not already involved in ArmchairBEA, then I suggest you get on board! 

Expect a massive recap when we get back!


  1. I miss your face. *sobs* COME BACK TO ME HANNAH!

    1. Do not make me cry at work! How can I live without you for a YEAR?!


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