Jul 15, 2013

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Arts & Crafts Day – Bringing Camp Home

There is something so fun about camp style. You see it in the casual clothes- bright tees and funky shades, floral backpacks and laidback flip flops. It’s obvious in the hair styles too- messy braids and casual up-dos. Maybe a few daisies tucked behind one ear. Camp style is easy, low-key and anti-glam. It can be natural and pretty or fun and bright. But their way, it lifts you up and makes you smile.

How can you recreate the look of camp- not just in your wardrobe- but in your room? We asked ourselves this when setting up book signing events, designing our websites and putting together our Pinterest page, especially the “Camp Style at Home” board. How can we make give a room that easy, casual vibe without going- forgive us- too campy?

Allow us to share what we’ve learned since we are total camp converts! Tip one is for your bedroom… you can recreate the coziness of camp and ghost stories with bright blankets or a canopy that hints at tent or blanket fort. Drape mosquito netting over your bed. It comes in colors now, so you can snag pink or blue, but white or cream is tried and true. Or, if you don’t want to invest in something that serves only one purpose, you could use an old floral sheet in the place of mosquito netting and drape it around your bed. Bonus points if you frame the sheet with simple white lights (not too close!).  You’ll feel like you’re stargazing or watching fireflies as you sit beside your tent.

Speaking of white lights… we love them everywhere for camp style! Check out the make shift bedposts made from tree branches with white lights strung around them. You can put this together after a trip to the woods to hunt for branches and a trip to the basement to dig up some Christmas lights. Easy, pretty, fun. Perfect.

But now for the hard core arts & crafts part of this post… we’re suggesting a mason jar lantern. Next time your neighborhood holds a garage sale weekend, check out the glassware options and scoop up some old mason jars. Pick up some bailing wire at your local craft store and tie it around the top of the jar. Tie a second piece of wire in a loop to hang the jar. Fill the bottom of the jar (an inch or two) with sand. Add a white votive and voila! Camp style you made yourself. These look pretty indoors or out, alone or in bunches.

***Are you crafty? Tell us about your artsy side on the boards today… we’d love to hear from you!


  1. Thanks for all the fun ideas! My Granddaughter and I are going to have soo much fun...

  2. So glad you enjoyed them, Sandie!! We were inspired, too!


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