Feb 27, 2014

Review: The Compound by S.A. Bodeen

Title: The Compound
Author: S.A. Bodeen
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Publication Date: 4.29.2008
Pages: 248
Genre: Dystopian
Series: The Compound #1
Source: Finished copy from publisher

Rating: 5 Stars

Summary (from Goodreads):
Eli and his family have lived in the underground Compound for six years. The world they knew is gone, and they've become accustomed to their new life. Accustomed, but not happy.

For Eli, no amount of luxury can stifle the dull routine of living in the same place, with only his two sisters, his father and mother, doing the same thing day after day after day. 

As problems with their carefully planned existence threaten to destroy their sanctuary—and their sanity—Eli can't help but wonder if he'd rather take his chances outside. 

Eli's father built the Compound to keep them safe. But are they safe—or sorry?

Nuclear bomb shelter? I would want to have one if I knew that there was a very real possibility of an attack. Wouldn't you? That's exactly what Eli thought, at first.

Eli grew up hearing nothing but nuclear facts his whole life. That is all his father cared about. Then his father took that information an went a little to far. Tearing Eli's family apart. Eli quickly learns that he really has no idea who his father is. He was never around before and he certainly isn't now. And Eli needs his dad more then  ever.

These characters were so detailed. My favorite part about it a book is when you the character like a friend of yours. The insight given of the minds of Eli, his sisters, mother , and eventually his father really make this a personal story. At the same time there is enough mystery that you gasp when one of the characters surprises you with a decision.

This has got to be one of the most detailed stories I have read. You get the clearest picture of the compound and what Bodeen was trying to portray. There were a few details that seemed a bit over the top and not extremely relevant to the story but all put together, they give a mental map that really helps out the story line.

All the secrets, lies, and surprising relationships, Eli soon realizes that his little safe haven isn't what is seems and it's not safe. Bodeen take you on a captivating ride that pulls on your heart strings as one heart opens up. I actually had few tears with this one. And one of my favorite things, that little bit of "oh no!" at the end. I cannot wait to read the sequel!

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  1. I really liked this one, too. The worldbuilding (well, compound building, in this case) really put me in the shelter with Eli and let me experience what he experienced.

    1. It really did. I really like that about this book. I always love when I can be right there with the characters. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. This one is new to me. Great review :)

  3. Thank you! You definitely should read it.


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