May 14, 2014

Blog Tour: Breakable by Tammara Webber

What prompted you to write Lucas' story? Simply put – I wrote BREAKABLE because Lucas began “speaking” to me. While I was writing EASY, I only heard Jacqueline’s voice. I was used to writing alternating POV stories (my entire BTL series alternates male/female), so writing from a single POV was new for me – but I went with it because I knew Jacqueline’s story was going to be the most important thing I’d ever write. It needed to be her story. About a year after I self-published EASY, I began to hear pieces of Landon’s story from Lucas – the lost boy he’d been before college, before Jacqueline – and I began to see EASY’s story from his perspective. At some point, I knew I had to write it. Honestly, it was Landon’s story that convinced me to do it.

A lot of readers are getting frustrated with new adult novels retelling a story from a male point of view. How does BREAKABLE differ from the rest? I haven’t read the others, with exception of LOSING HOPE (Colleen Hoover), so honestly, I don’t know for sure. I don’t think anyone has formatted an alternate POV book as I did BREAKABLE. About 30% of the book overlaps scenes from EASY. The rest is comprised of new scenes from Lucas surrounding the EASY story, and completely new material from Landon.

Whenever someone asked me for a new adult recommendation, I immediately point them to EASY. What new adult books would you recommend? Thank you! I rarely recommend books to someone unless I know their tastes. I read a lot of YA – contemporary, fantasy, dystopian. I also read non-fic, which I can put down and returned to more easily than fiction (right now, I’m reading HOW WE DIE by Sherwin Nuland). I usually suggest that people look at my Goodreads profile for recommendations – I only list books I liked. I don’t rate, and I try to write short reviews, but I’ve fallen behind in the past several months. I don’t get to read as much as I’d like now. I’m hoping that once BREAKABLE releases and the promotional activities die down, I’ll have some reading time. New authors (new to me) I’ve enjoyed in the past few months are Audrey Bell (LOVE SHOW) and Katie Kacvinsky (FIRST COMES LOVE). Both are more literary NA, which I personally love.

Is this the last we've seen of Lucas and Jacqueline? As main characters, yes. I am brainstorming and researching the possibility of writing spin-off stories for a couple of characters, however – one from EASY and one from BREAKABLE. These plans will require discussions with my agent and editors first, of course. But if they happen, readers may see L&J in very minor roles. The good thing about not being the focus of a book is there is no requirement for drama/conflict for them. The main characters must have conflict or there is no story – and that’s why I decided early on that there would be no sequel of EASY.

What books will you be taking on vacation with you this summer? I don’t anticipate a vacation this year. L Travel, for me, has become work – I’m either attending signings or doing research for the next book. I usually don’t have time to read for pleasure while traveling. Once I return from the RT Conference, I hope to carve more time for pleasure reading at home. I have a towering TBR pile. I also send my e-reader tons of samples. (I’m a huge proponent of samples! If I’m not compelled to continue reading after the first ten percent, I move to the next sample. With the amount of books out now, there is no reason to read something that doesn’t personally resonate with you as a reader. That would make reading a chore – and I’ve got plenty of chores already, thanks. ;))

Thanks so much! Thank you for having me, Hannah!

Tammara Webber is author of the New York Times bestselling New Adult novel Easy, the first novel in her Contours of the Heart series, and the Between the Lines series.  She is a hopeful romantic who adores novels with happy endings, because there are enough sad endings in real life.  Before writing full-time, she was an undergraduate academic advisor, economics tutor, planetarium office manager, radiology call center rep, and the palest person to ever work at a tanning salon.  She married her high school sweetheart, and is a mom to three adult kids and four very immature cats.  Connect with her online at,, and


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