Sep 19, 2015

Review: Crosstown Crush by Cara McKenna

Title: Crosstown Crush
Author: Cara McKenna
Publisher: Signet
Genre: Adult, Explicit, Contemporary, Kink
Series: Sins in the City #1
Source:  Finished copy from publisher

Rating: 3 ½ Stars

Summary (from Goodreads):
The first in a new series from the “wicked-hot”* author of Hard Time and Give It All explores the fantasies of a daring married couple—and those of a stranger invited to play along in their scandalous little games… When he’s working, Mike Heyer is all business—every inch the alpha male, with the hard, capable body to back up his persona. But at home he can be a different man entirely, harboring appetites only his wife gets to glimpse…

When Samira first learned of her husband’s fantasies, she was reluctant, even alarmed. But after witnessing the way they set him on fire, she yielded, and happily indulged. As their games have intensified, so has the rush. And now so has the risk—they’re poised to take Mike’s indecent desires to the next level, by opening their bed to a sexy, brazen stranger. A man seeming custom-made to grant every last one of Mike and Samira’s sinful wishes.

Welcoming someone new into their lives was always a dangerous proposition, but the couple imagined if anything was at stake, it was their privacy…not their hearts.


You know when you have that one book friend whose opinions are eerily similar to your own so when they say, "READ THIS" you do if for no other reason than you trust their judgement? That's what happened with CROSSTOWN CRUSH. Jessica, the publicist whose judgement I trust implicitly, sent me an email and said I should read this.

I immediately grabbed it as my next book and what followed was one of the strangest, hottest, weirdest books that still has me all twisted up and turned around.

I get kink. I get fetish. I know that some people fall on the blander than vanilla side of the sex spectrum while others are off the charts the other way. As long as the adults are being safe, rational, and all consenting ... It's your life. Cuckolding was not a kink I had really seen before in a book. I've never given it much thought, but I tried to keep an open mind reading this.

Samira and Mike have been playing this game for awhile now where she pretends to cheat on him (the first paragraph is her walking into Sephora and splashing on some men's cologne to give her husband the impression she was with another guy). She comes home, an argument ensues that by now is more of a well choreographed dance between them. It ultimately ends with Sam telling Mike he isn't man enough to satisfy her and him proving he is. Cue hot sex and adorable post-coital pillow talk. For reasons that are made clear early on, Mike is always in controlled Alpha mode and this is the only way he knows how to release his inner anxiety. I get it. It do. I understand that on a clinical level.

When they decide to take it to the next level and find someone for Sam to "cheat" on Mike with (Mike watches the whole time either hiding somewhere or via video), Bern enters the picture. Yes, his name is Bern. Yes, I hate his name, too.

Bern is a great guy and what follows is 3 people exploring all their kinks and fantasies together. Lots of steamy, smexy times. Some a bit stranger than others, but as a whole it worked.

But (and you knew there was a "but" didn't you?) things inevitably start to fall apart. What I love is how strong and rational Sam stays throughout all of this. She's wonderfully accepting and giving, but she's no pushover. She's a great female character.

I can't exactly say where or why things fall apart and what the outcome is. I recommend reading this book for yourself if you want to know. But if you're not familiar with this kink (or the world of kink and fetish - even in books, if not real life), make sure you go into it with an open mind. No, these people are not crazy. No, they are not brainwashed. Yes, this does happen in real life. If you're not comfortable with kink, that's totally OK. But I wouldn't recommend grabbing this book.


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