Aug 19, 2011

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This Friday's Question:

The Reviews We Don't Write: 
Have you ever read a book and not wanted to review it? Are some books too personal that we want to keep our thoughts our own? 

I don't know about them being too personal, because if I can truly connect with a book on an emotion level, then I simply must tell the world about it. The best book is one that can evoke a physical reaction - laughing out loud, crying, throwing the book, etc. I go into every read praying this book is next book that will make me feel.

There are, however, books I hesitate to review. This is typically because I cannot connect with them or flat out don't like them. I recognize the hard work that goes into each and every book, which is why I hate to give a negative review. I know I am essentially saying I don't appreciate the years of sweat and tears someone poured into this work, and that just makes me feel bad.

For example, I am currently reading a book (no, I won't tell you which one as I read several at a time) that feels like a wicked hangover. Ever gone out, gotten wasted, and then woke up the next morning not sure how you got into your own bed? That's this book. I'm pretty sure there's a good time somewhere in it, but there are so many jumps and holes in the story, I can't get a clear picture. It's jumbled and confusing and I'm only praying it gets better.


  1. That is probably the best metaphor for a hard-to-get-into book that I've ever seen. :D

  2. LOVE the hangover metaphor! hahahaha!

    Great post, I agree with everything you said! :) Check out our TGIF post here if you'd like:


  3. I'm probably going to book hell for saying this...but...Sometimes, those books that are the worst (hangover books, WTF?! books, badly written books) are the most fun reviews to read/write. Seriously, we spend so much time spreading the book love that it's super fun to see when something was an epic fail, lol. Throw in a swear word too...Booksmugglers did one day and it was fabulous; just to see that they disliked it that much!

  4. Just your new follower saying hello. I feel bad saying this but I actually find reviewing books I didn't love easier. I think it's because with books you like it's hard not to just type the words "I loved it" an then stop. You actually have to drum up all the reasons why you love it. Though if I don't like a book I do try to say it in a constructive way, because like you said they did work hard on the novel after all. I really do feel a little bad about it though especially when it's something you've been sent to review. Hope you can stop by my blog too. Keep it shiny!


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