Jul 7, 2014

Blogger Anonymous: Blogger Burnout

Welcome to the second edition of Blogger Anonymous. Not quite so anonymous, but definitely a place where people (mainly me, but feel free to join in), post about issues and drama that is currently plaguing me pertaining to blogging.

Today's topic of choice? Blogger Burnout.

I am currently suffering from this very condition, as is my co-blogger. Typically Gabrielle and I try to time these things so one of us is on their game, but this summer, we've both been going like crazy and there hasn't been much time do blog updates. (Please notice how there have been no updates in 2+ weeks.)

And honestly? I'm OK with this, but I didn't used to be.

The first time I experienced Blogger Burnout (we'll just call it the Big BB from here on out), I had been blogging just over a year. Life was good. I had my followers, I went to my first BEA ... and then my life went into overdrive.

I got back from NYC, my brother got married 2 days later, and then I started a new job the day after that. It was crazy and my blog went untouched for the better part of the Summer of 2012.

But you know what? When I started blogging ... I found not much had changed. The majority of my followers were still there and the world kept going. I was so worried that my followers would scatter to the four corners of the earth, 

but they didn't. 

I've had several friends say to me lately that they're tired of scheduling posts, making sure they're on top of books, blog tours, and trends, and all of the things. That blogging has become more an occupation than a hobby.

If that's you, can I give you a little bit of advice?


Not forever. Maybe for a couple days. A week. Pick up a book that doesn't need to be reviewed until 2015 just because you can. Sometimes I forget the joy of losing myself in a book just because. I forget that I started blogging as a way to squee and share my love of all things bookish. But somewhere along the lines, it got twisted into an obligation. 

So, if you feel like you're hitting that burnout point, the Big BB, give yourself a break. Your followers will still be there when you come back. In fact, taking a beat and letting yourself breathe can be amazingly refreshing.

I am loving my current hiatus, even though it's coming to a close because I've had my break. Now I have energy and more importantly, I want to blog again. I've missed this community and seeing what my friends are loving and reading.

But I promise - you aren't admitting defeat if you take a break. Quite the opposite in fact. Come back more fabulous than ever.


  1. I couldn't agree more. I was the same, afraid of losing followers if I didn't update my blog everyday or at least several times a week but now, after several months of blogging, I realize that blogging is not an obligation, I have chosen to blog and if I don't feel like writing a review or posting something, well I just don't. Blogging is supposed to be fun, not feel like an obligation. It started to feel that way to me but then I realized that my blog isn't going to disappear, my friends either and I can still keep in touch with Twitter.

    Love this post Hannah! :)

  2. Seeing these posts help me know I'm not alone. I haven't maintained my paying schedule since BEA because each time I look at the pile I panic a little. I also started a new job right before bea then came back to the craziness that is training. Blogging head to take a back seat to my reality and that's just the way it is. I'm so not sorry for that and no one else should be either. Thanks for posting this. Can't wait to see what comes after the hiatus I'm sure is going to be great.

  3. I think it's impossible to avoid burnout if you've been blogging for more than a few years. It was right around the 2 year mark that I got burnt out. I've gone back and forth with burn out ever since. I have backed off a little from how much time I devote to commenting, which is unfortunate, but I do what I can to keep blogging without it becoming too much.

  4. That's very true. When something that you've been doing for fun starts to be a chore or an obligation, it's time for a break.

  5. Pick up a book that doesn't need to be reviewed until 2015 just because you can.

    I've done this a few times this year because ALL OF THIS. Right now, I'm just reading what I WANT to read, and it's so nice. Last month, it was mostly simple posts like WoW and Cover Reveals, and I only had 5 or 6 reviews the whole month because what I read was so far in the future, but I needed it.

    Thanks for this post, Hannah <3

  6. This had a lot of great advice in it. I just recently started blogging, so I haven't reached the "BB" point yet. I'm still trying to get the hang of it and keep it going, but since I have no followers...I'm not to stressed about making sure I post every day/week. But you made some great points, and I'll be sure to keep these things in mind as I continue the blogging journey!


  7. Just like reading slumps, when you do something as consistently as we do, it's easy to get burned out. I'm at that stage right now and trying to reboot my brain with eclectic reading and a new blog design. Definitely helps to have the support of fellow bloggers!

  8. I'm totally in burnout now... I've been reading a TON, I just haven't felt like blogging at all. Not sure when it's going to go away, but it's a good thing to remember that your real blogging friends will still be there, and that blogging should be fun and not the obligation it feels like right now.

  9. I totally agree with your Hannah. I think we've all had our burnout periods, and truth be told I don't think we'll see the last of them. I felt a lot of the same ways you do, and I sometimes still do. I think last year was my burnout. (Yeah a whole year) I still posted things, but definitely not like I had the previous years. Most noticeably were my reviews, and I felt bad because what's a book blog without reviews? I tried to not let it get to me though. I had life outside I needed to deal with. My job, a fiance, a wedding, and other things. After all of that was said and done (well the wedding) I realized that I missed my blog. I missed my writing reviews (most the time). I missed sharing my love of books. The past month or two I've really tried to get back into it, and probably the coming months too. I'll be moving in with my husbands and his mom/family (gotta save money) so I forsee much blogging time.


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