Jul 28, 2014

Review & Giveaway: The Family Romanov by Candace Fleming

Title: The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and The Fall of Imperial Russia
Author: Candace Fleming
Publisher: Schwartz & Wade
Publication Date: 7.8.2014
Pages: Candace Fleming
Genre: Non-Fiction
Series: N/A
Source: ARC from ALA

Rating: 4 Stars

Summary (from Goodreads):
Here is the tumultuous, heartrending, true story of the Romanovs—at once an intimate portrait of Russia's last royal family and a gripping account of its undoing. Using captivating photos and compelling first person accounts, award-winning author Candace Fleming (Amelia Lost;The Lincolns) deftly maneuvers between the imperial family’s extravagant lives and the plight of Russia's poor masses, making this an utterly mesmerizing read as well as a perfect resource for meeting Common Core standards.

I love me some young adult fiction, but sometimes? Sometimes real life is even more twisted and dramatic than anything an author can dream up. Take THE FAMILY ROMANOV, for example. This family has incited man-hunts that still exist today for the long-lost Anastasia, movies deals, book deals, and endless amounts of deliberation.

Mostly I am a fiction fanatic, but occasionally I like to read a non-fiction. The Romanov family has always intrigued me. What I especially liked about the way Candace Fleming wrote this book is that it read more times than not like a novel, not a textbook.

It’s easy to recount the history of the Romanovs and the rebellion that ultimately led to the slaughter of an entire royal family, but Fleming does a great job to include an audience that might be turned off by textbook-esque facts and slowly spinning the tale of their demise. It’s hauntingly poignant.

Yes, this book is mostly non-fiction, but just Google the Romanov’s and tell me you aren’t curious. I dare you.

Random House has generously donated a finished copy of this book for me to giveaway. Winner must have a US/CA mailing address. Simply comment below to be entered. Giveaway ends 8/6/2014


  1. This looks interesting, thanks for sharing! :)


  2. If I was ever going to read a non-fic this would be it. I keep seeing this pop up and everyone seems to like it. Anastasia and the Romanovs have always intrigued me too.

  3. I've always been fascinated by Anastasia & her family......

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