Aug 19, 2014

BEA 2014 - The Video Recap

I know BEA ended several months ago (*sobs*), but I was playing on iMovie this weekend and decided to make a video to commemorate my time in the city with my friends and family. It was fun re-living those memories.

I hung out with a lot of amazing people this year and went to some incredible parties, so don't be shocked to see yourself in here:


  1. Love this so much! So many awesome memories. Makes me miss y'all so much! xoxox Liza

  2. LOVE IT!!!! Makes me miss being there even though big crowds aren't typically my thing. Awesome book loving people are my thing though, so BEA is definitely the best kind of getaway. I wouldn't be said if they happen to move BEA from NYC/Chicago to, say, Columbus though. That would work for me so I wouldn't have to travel ;-)

  3. Loved this! I couldn't remember if I actually got to meet you or not, but I was in your video!! On Day 2 I was ahead of you in line, so we must have talked in line! I'm so jealous of all the parties you got to go to. I've never gotten to go to any of them. Makes me wish I could afford to go next year. :-(

  4. So much FUN!! *sigh* I love BEA. I love hanging with y'all.


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