Aug 3, 2014

Run To You Read-A-Long

Hey y'all! Welcome to my week as the Moderator (yes, with a capital 'M' because .... why not?) of the RUN TO YOU read-along. RUN TO YOU is a serial novel - more about what that is tomorrow - which basically means you get smaller, episodic installments (think the size of a novella, maybe a little longer) that rapidly click along and then blow your mind.


OK, so I don't know if that's exactly what serials are, but that's what author Clara Kensie does with these books. Trust me, they are amazing. I was given early copies to read as pdfs from the publisher and let's just say once I got started, it was a good thing my work computer has Adobe Reader because I tore through those books.

Just don't tell me boss, K?

This week will be all about PART III: THIRD CHARM, which concludes the first half of this incredible saga.

If you haven't started on this series, how about if I give you PART I: FIRST SIGHT for free? OK, fine, it's actually the awesome people at HarlequinTEEN offering it up, but I told you about it! It's available in all ebook forms, yes, for free. So really what have you got to lose?

Now that we've got that out of the way, I expect you to go forth and read it and Part II and hurry back here so we can discuss Part III. Make sure you follow along on all the social media sites:

The read-along is for Book One (FIRST SIGHT, SECOND GLANCE, and THIRD TOUCH).
As you read the corresponding installment each week, come to myFacebook page to discuss it with other readers. Margie, Patricia, and Hannah will ask some fun questions for you to answer, and you can ask questions of your own.


o   10 winners will get a set of 6 signed postcards with the RUN TO YOU covers
o   10 winners will receive the postcards and a custom necklace with my favorite quote from the books:
                         “Us,” he said. “You and me.”
And my heart echoed in rhythm:
                           Thump. Thump-th-thump.
o   5 winners will receive a Harlequin Teen book of their choice.
o   The "grand prize" winner will receive a set of postcards, a custom necklace, a $25 gift card to Amazon or B&N, *and* the complete RUN TO YOU series to a friend of their choice who has not read the books yet!

Winning is easy - just participate in any of the online discussions: 


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