Jan 20, 2015

Review: Polaris by Mindee Arnett

Title: Polaris
Author: Mindee Arnett
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Publication Date: 1.20.2015
Pages: 432
Genre: Young Adult, SciFi
Series: Avalon #2
Source: eARC from publisher

Rating: 4 ½ Stars

Summary (from Goodreads):
Following the events of Avalon, Jeth Seagrave and his crew are on the run. Jeth is desperate to find the resources and funding he needs to rescue his mother from an ITA’s research lab and leave this whole galaxy behind for a new life somewhere else. But the ITA is just as desperate, and soon Jeth finds himself pursued by a mysterious figure hell-bent on capturing Jeth and his crew—dead or alive. In a last-ditch effort to save everyone he holds dear, Jeth enters into a bargain with the last person he ever thought he'd see again: Dax Shepherd, the galaxy’s newest and most fearsome crime lord. And he’s not the only one: upon arriving back at Peltraz spaceport for the first time since he witnessed the death of his old employer, Jeth discovers Dax has a new partner: Jeth’s mother, Marian.

This shocking turn of events is only the first in another breathless, action-packed sci-fi adventure rife with danger, love, and betrayal, as Jeth has to once again ask himself how much he’s willing to invest in a morally bankrupt galaxy in the hopes of saving those he cares for. 


Chant with me now!

Last year's AVALON was a massive hit for me. Mindee Arnett absolutely blew me away, so I was more than a little excited about POLARIS and the conclusion to our merry band of misfits.

It's hard to say too much without touching on spoilers because everything that happened in POLARIS feels like a spoiler. From the fate of Avalon (the ship) to the crew (still sobbing, here!) to the final showdown with the Confederation, so much will be spoilery.

So here's what I can say: This book is AVALON but more. More action, more romance, more suspense. With the added threat of assassins and surprise twists, POLARIS is a stunning conclusion to a fantastic duology.

While I am sad to say goodbye to this 'verse, I applaud Arnett for such a spectacular and solid ending. I felt very satisfied by the end.
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  1. Oh, it's just a duology?!? now, I need to pick this second one up again. (Yeah, I started it and put it aside.)

  2. I have to say I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first. I was happy with the conclusion, though I did feel that Jeth really needed more of a struggle with him finally being able to overcome things. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really love Arnett's writing and want to pick up her other stuff now. I also wish there was more to this, although it did wrap up nicely. I can even see how a spin off could happen, but it might ruin the wonderfulness that is this series if it does. Great review!


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