Oct 19, 2015

Baby Banana Books #2

I am so, so excited to start this brand new feature on my blog where I will give you (the parents) quick reviews of children's picture books and board books. I love picture books - from the illustrations to the lessons to the smiles they put on faces. Here's hoping you and the children around you find some new favorites, too.

How to Behave At A Dog Show

by  (Goodreads Author)
Filled with cute illustrations, HOW TO BEHAVE AT A DOG SHOW is a books adults and children will both love. Julia and Charles try to enter their dog Rexie into a local dog show with disastrous and hilarious results. In the end, if you can't beat 'em, make your own competition and do it your way.

Bizzy Bear: Zookeeper

by  (Illustrations)
Publisher: Schwarz & Wade
Format: Finished copy from publisher
BIZZY BEAR ZOOKEEPER is a fun, interactive board book that you and your toddler will love exploring together. Rich with illustrations there is something to touch and move on every page which will fascinate young readers. Little ones will love helping Bizzy Bear out at the zoo.

Beep Beep, Go to Sleep

by  (Illustrator)
BEEP BEEP GO TO SLEEP is a sweet story of a little boy putting his robots to bed ... But they won't seem to stay in bed. (sound familiar parents?) Over the course of the book, the robots cause a little chaos and mischief until finally their boy gets them settled and they all go to sleep. Perhaps having a child who fights sleep might benefit from putting a few toys of their own through the bedtime process.


  1. This is such an adorable feature! I have 2 little boys (2&4) that would love the third book! Thank you, Hannah!

  2. These sound adorable!! The third book especially. :)


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