Oct 21, 2015

Event Recap: NYCC 2015

My second year at New York Comic Con was just as epic and awesome as my first. Not only did I get to meet up with new and old friends, but there were celebrity spottings, Chewy spottings, and (of course) some amazing prizes won. Plus, it's always fun having a press pass and access to all the coolest events and things.

There is nothing like walking up to the Javits Center and seeing everyone dressed up in their CosPlay. There is an energy that radiates from blocks away and the epicenter is the Javits.

Walking in is unlike anything else. You will walk past some of he coolest impromptu photoshoots, see the craziest outfits and marvel that the majority are homemade. 

You can wander the show floor for hours, checking out everything from Funkos to giant Lego creations to cars. NYCC is a mecca for all things pop culture. 

Panels are also available for the brave (seriously, you have to wait in endless lines, committed to your cause). Once again there was a Walking Dead panel and the usual other shows, but I loved that ABC Family had a strong presence around NYCC this year. I cannot wait for the Shadowhunters series!

MTV was also hyping their shows like Teen Wolf and the upcoming Shannara Chronicles (which looks absolutely amzeballs).

NYCC is insane. It's chaotic and crazy, with people trying to visit exhibits, panels, and meet their favorite celebrities (so jealous of my friends who met the cast of Arrow). It's a place where being a fan is cool and the crazier you are, the more you're embraced.

These are my people.


  1. Kind of sad I didn't go this year. I may go next year, though. We shall see. I would want to go with friends, though. When I went last time I kind of did it by myself and met up with some people from the publisher I was working for. But it wasn't like making a plan with friends.

  2. So cool. I really hope to attend at least 1 event like this next year. Glad that you had fun!

  3. It sounds so incredible! Dallas Comic Con is coming in February, and I am thinking about giving it a try. You've inspired me, Hannah!!


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