Dec 7, 2015

Blog Tour: Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes

EEEEP! I am so excited to have Morgan Rhodes here today to chat about Falling Kingdoms and more specifically, book 4 in the series FROZEN TIDES. I had so many questions that Morgan took the time to answer!

1. OK, first thing I noticed about FROZEN TIDES is that map. Is it safe to say we’re going beyond the borders of Mytica now?

Yes, I think that’s a safe bet! I’ve been teasing about the massive and powerful Kraeshian Empire for a couple of books now with the addition of some of its royalty to the extended cast, but in Frozen Tides readers will be seeing land on the page that is not that of the familiar home base of Mytica.

2. My boy Magnus has been through all sorts of hell, but there was this happy little flicker with Cleo (and I know longtime series’ fans have been pushing for these two to grow closer – me included). How has Magnus and Cleo’s relationship evolved? Will it thrive or die now that they’re home?

Magnus and Cleo certainly seem to be a bit of a fan favorite duo, to put it mildly! And I’ll admit that their romantic tension and arguments are a delight to write about. However…will this very fragile relationship thrive or die? Let’s just say….things definitely evolve in book four when it comes to this pairing….and that’s all I’m going to say!! ;)

3. Lucia, Lucia, Lucia. This girl just might be the most powerful person in the land and she’s just starting to realize it. Can you share any tidbits about Lucia’s journey this time around?

As Gathering Darkness ended, readers may remember that due to her disappointment and grief Lucia was in a bit of a…how should I put it? A homicidal and world-destroying mood? Well, I certainly didn’t want to write a mopey character, so I had to do some hard thinking about where Lucia was going to go in this book and beyond as a character, and I think that readers will enjoy the Lucia of Frozen Tides, and she’s someone that nobody’s going to take advantage of anymore, that’s for sure!

4. You have to respect Jonas’ heart and passion. The guy just won’t quit. How has he grown over the last 4 books?

Jonas is basically a regular dude thrust into the position of rebel leader…and to say that he has faltered and made a few, uh, questionable choices would be an understatement. I think that he has definitely matured over the last three books and has learned how to separate mindless vengeance from pursuing worthy causes with passion. Will he continue to make questionable choices in the future by thinking with his heart way more than his head? Probably. Hey, nobody’s perfect!

5. Four books in and this series just keeps getting bigger and better – how do you keep it from getting convoluted and confusing for yourself and for readers?

The mythology has gotten more complicated with each book as I discover more and more about this world and its magic, so I try to write it all down and make sure everything makes sense. The characters are now as real to me as actual people, so I let them do their thing on the page. Luckily, I have a fantastic editor who knows this world every bit as much as I do, and together (I hope!) we’re able to keep everything wrangled.

6. Did you have a favorite character or characters when you first started Falling Kingdoms? Has that changed now that you have spent four books with these characters?

I continue to enjoy writing Magnus’s character the most. He’s just so much fun – equally villainous or heroic depending on the situation. I’ll admit I struggled with Lucia in the beginning as she’s taken her own sweet time in coming into her own and not defaulting to being a doormat, but she is as alive on the page for me now as any of the others and more fun to write than ever before. I can’t wait to hear what readers think of book four!

Thanks for the info, Morgan! Having just recently finished FROZEN TIDES, I can assure you that this book is amazing and thrilling and my favorite yet in the series!

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  1. I am still waiting to read book 3, but I can't wait to get back with these characters. Great interview!

  2. I really want this series, it sounds amazing! Hurry, please, Ms. Rhodes,I want them all!


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