Mar 17, 2016

Blog Tour: Rebel of the Sands

And now, here's 25 things you never knew about author of REBEL OF THE SANDS, Alwyn Hamilton:

1) When I was a kid I was obsessed with pirates and desperately wanted to be one when I grew up.

2) In the same year in High School theatre I played Richard III and Mrs. Robinson from the Graduate.

3) I can roll a kayak (Or used to be able to). Conversely I once sank a sail boat.

4) I once wrote and was director of Photography for a short film noire with a detective called Ace Spade. It was my favourite thing that I had ever written at the time.

5) My first words were “Goodbye” in English, French and Italian.

6) My family and I have a plan in the case of world ending apocalypse. My part involves loading up on water, protein bars and a map of France and walking to the continent using the Eurotunnel.

7) I am the least picky eater in the world but one thing that I will not drink under any circumstance is Coke/Pepsi

9) When I was 10 I was elected as the children’s parliamentary representative for my district in France. I ran against the guy who was my first kiss. When I won I got to sit in the National Assembly for a day.

10) I once worked an entire auction day at work with a power failure, answering phones with no working computers, no lights and losing my voice.

11) When I was 21 Jeff Goldblum told me I was the spitting image of a young Mariel Hemingway (Ernest Hemingway’s Granddaughter) from the 1979 Woody Allen film Manhattan. I then watched him play a tiny piano.

12) If I get really stressed out I bake as a form of de-stressing/procrastination. I made a batch of brownies every day when I was studying for my baccalaureate.

13) I wrote my final year dissertation about depictions of Charlotte Corday, the woman who murdered Marat in the Bath.

14) There’s a scar on my forehead from where I pulled a radio onto my head as a toddler and had to get stitches. In my parents’ words “We only looked away for 10 seconds…”

15) I’m not very good at Video Games at all. But I did go through a period of big time addiction to the Sims.

16) I am catnip to mosquitoes. I once had to have socks duct taped to my hand to keep me from scratching my legs bloody in my sleep.

17) The first album I ever owned was the Spice Girls. The first Single was Britney Spears “Hit me Baby One More Time.”

18) A Qatari Prince once threatened to fire me. I didn’t actually work for him.

19) In the town where I grew up, in September, picking grapes was a legitimately accepted excuse to have missed a day of class.

20) I have been told I’m very intimidating by Hugh Grant. I was standing behind a glowing podium in control of a guest list at the time at a charity auction. I have never been so tempted to pretend I couldn’t find someone’s name on the list.

21) I am compulsively truthful. With the exception of once in High School, a newer friend said to my oldest friend “you wouldn’t understand, you’re an only child”. Which is true, but for absolutely no reason, I said, “No she isn’t. She has a younger sister.” And spent the next 2 weeks convincing people that she had a little sister named Margaux.

22) Venice is my favourite city in the world and I sometimes fantasize about moving there for 6 months.

23) I have such thick hair I once broke a hairdresser’s scissors cutting through my ponytail when I was donating my hair. After she got new scissors she went around the salon making the other hairdressers feel it.

24) I once spent an entire 2 weeks cooking nothing but pies because I was watching PUSHING DAISIES.

25) I hold pens like a left handed person but with my right hand. No teacher in 12 years was able to train this out of me, though many tried.

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