Mar 17, 2016

Medieval Times Spring Break Special

I know, I know - not my usual kind of post, but the past several years I have helped Medieval Times spread the word about their Spring Break specials, and why not this year as well?

Having been to the show, I can attest that it's a total blast and fully immersive experience. It's fun and fascinating and I'm excited because I think my niece might finally be old enough to enjoy this. She's probably still too little for the Junior Knight training, but maybe you have kids that are the right age.

Check out their website for more details:

For the Spring Break Special, prices are slashed: Prices will be $36.95 for adults and $29.95 for children 12 and under when guests use the code MARWEB.  

Check out their homepage for more details.

*Please note that this info is good for my local (Arundel Mills) Medieval Times; check your local one for their Spring Break deals!


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