Aug 12, 2013

Author Interview: Levi Stack

1) As detailed as this first book is, how much forethought went into it? (Like research or actually creating the cards)

I planned out the entire plot of The Card Game series before I ever wrote the first book. It took a year to plot the four books in the series as well as research the dark characters of the Russian Empire (be it Gypsies, nobles, or members of the Russian Mafia). But I'm not crazy... I just want my mysteries to pay off for readers!

2) What do you have planned for Romulus and Viktor in the next book? With spoiling of course.

Dangers - and lots of them! The town of Aryk becomes increasingly dangerous in the second book, The Magic Trick. Strange messages begin showing up in the streets, a bizarre circus comes to town, and assassins are hot on the boys' trail. And atop all that, Viktor and his friends are chosen for a deathly apprenticeship...

3) What helps you get through a day of writing? Do have a certain place you like to write, drinks, food, music?

So. Much. Espresso. I'll also listen to music during breaks (usually The Shins), but besides that, I just need my sturdy wood desk.

4) Are you currently writing anything? Do you have any other books planned?

I hereby sweareth not to write anything but The Card Game series until the fourth book is finished. As a reader, I was always impatient for authors to put out the next book in a series. Now it's my turn to crank the words out!

5) What are you most excited about this year or into the beginning of 2014?

I can't wait to connect with new readers. I've always loved stories, and if I can give back a fraction of the excitement that books have given me, I'll be content.

When Viktor and Romulus, two peasant boys, dig too deep into their town’s strange past, they awaken the wrath of a mysterious overlord. As the blood brothers struggle to survive, their search for answers takes them through gambling parlors, bare-knuckle boxing matches, and dark forests full of wild animals and men alike. But even with the help of their friends, can they escape the deathly experiments their foe is creating in Staryi Castle?

Enter the bold lands of the Russian Empire where the colorful characters of The Card Game dwell, from the fortune-tellers and fire-jugglers of the Romani Gypsies, to the dangerous criminals that make up the Thieves World, the predecessor of the Russian Mafia.

An explosive mixture of adventure and mystery, The Silent Deal is a young adult novel that will rip readers through the pages. A perilous journey awaits…

*The Silent Deal is available for free in ebook format today!*


  1. I've never heard of this one - until I just saw it on another blog today. THE SILENT DEAL sounds pretty interesting - ever since SHADOW AND BONE, I've been on the lookout for Russian settings!

  2. NOw, that's dedication -- to plot out the entire series before even starting! I do appreciate that kind of attention to detail, though. The whole Russian culture is fascinating.

  3. I always like knowing how authors plot out there series - if everything is clear to them before they even start book one, or if they start with the first book and then figure the arc of the others as they go. I agree with Mary - that's definitely some dedication to spend a whole year plotting! Love it:) Thanks for interview Levi and Gabrielle!


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