Jun 7, 2011

Tune In Tuesday (1)

Tune in Tuesday is hosted by the awesome Ginger @ Greads. It's a weekly meme that lets people share new music with each other. I love books as much as I love music, and the two usually go hand-in-hand for me. I've even been known to make my own soundtrack for a book I really like.

This week's song is "Come Undone" by My Darkest Days. It's a cover of the Duran Duran song of the same name, but personally? I love this one more.


  1. I think this post sums me up perfectly - I love music probably a smidgen more than I love books, but the two are always sequential when listing things I adore.

    Blinding by Florence and the Machine has been playing a lot for me recently. I linked to a fantastic acoustic version which is even more powerful than the original, if that's possible.


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