Nov 25, 2011

TGIF (4)

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This Friday's Question:

Aside from the normal work, sleep, eat, shower, etc.? I love to write. I have 3 original novels in progress, but I'm also a fan of fanfic writing. Truthfully I haven't been writing all that much lately, though.
I am obsessed with finding new music to fall in love with. Nothing excites me quite like finding a new song I can listen to on repeat 100 times. My tastes are very eclectic: rock, pop, country, rap, instrumental ... I have it all on my iPod.
I love baking and cooking for my family and hanging out with friends. I'm a huge TV fan and watch more than I really should. I also have more DVDs and TV shows on DVD than any one person should own. It's only rivaled in size by my book collection.

And lately I've been happily planning my trip to NYC in June 2012 for BEA! Anyone else going?
What about you? Leave me a link so I can swing by your blog!

When You're Not Reading:
What occupies your time when your nose
isn't stuck in a book?


  1. *gasp* - Hannah, are you saying there is life OUTSIDE of reading?!? :O

    Well, I'm addicted to decorating & minor home improvement projects. I love to paint, wallpaper and constantly tweak my surroundings. I also love playing with antique jewelry and DIY crafting. Notice I didn't say I was any *good* at those things lol, just that I enjoy them ;D

  2. I'm so jealous you're going to BEA! So very, very jealous.

    It's great that you love to bake though - I should have put it in my answer but it didn't occur to me. I hate cooking though, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense...

    Have a great week!

  3. I'm extremely jealous you'll be attending BEA. I would love to go, but I won't be able to next year. And it's so great about your novels!

  4. Ah I forgot about music! How could I forget about music? I guess it's just so much a part of my life that I don't think about it. Fail...

  5. hehe I can't believe I forgot to add cooking to my list, I love baking and cooking! I also love to write!

    Hope that you have a fantastic weekend!

    My TGIF:

  6. I'm making it my biz to get to BEA this year. I live in NYC for cryin out loud! Awesome that you're writing novels!!

    Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

  7. I confess I don't know what BEA stands for? Please help me out.

  8. Thanks for your comment! New follower :)

    Ah, I'm so jealous you're going to NYC. I want to go there so badly...



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