Jun 29, 2012

And we're back!

Wow, what a totally crazy month it's been! I honestly didn't expect to extend the hiatus for almost the entire month, but there was just no way.

After I went to BEA the first week of June, I came home and my brother got married at our house that Sunday (we threw a backyard wedding together in 48 hours - I don't recommend it). Then that Monday I started a new job, and the new job then sent me to Arizona for 4 days that Thursday for training. Then I've been trying to find that chaotic balance to juggle 2 jobs, plus my friends and family ...

I needed a break. But the whole time I was not here I was avidly reading and setting things up for the coming months (interviews, giveaways, a massive BEA recap post, etc.). Thanks for sticking it out for me to come back! I missed you all!


  1. Good to have you back! Hope you catch you've been able to catch your breath.


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