Jun 3, 2012

Irish Banana Mini Hiatus!

This week I will be at BookExpo America! Then when I come home I will be rushing like a crazy woman because my brother decided he and his fiance are getting married June 10th. I will update as soon as I am able, but be sure to follow me on Twitter as I will be regularly updating and commenting during BEA!

I plan on taking lots of video and pictures to document my time at BEA for all of you who can't go, and if you are going ... Hit me up! I'd love to meet you!


  1. You're so lucky! Have a lot of fun at BEA and don't forget to have a ginormous recap post for those of us who will be living vicariously through BEA attendees. :)

  2. YEAH HANNAH!!!! I had a blast seeing you at BEA this year, I hope we can get together next year as well. Looking forward to your wrap up post!


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