Oct 23, 2013

Blog Tour: Endless by Amanda Gray

Welcome to The Irish Banana Review tour stop for Amanda Gray's ENDLESS!

Here's a little about it for those who don't know:
Jenny Kramer knows she isn’t normal. After all, not everybody can see the past lives of people around them. When she befriends Ben Daulton, resident new boy, the pair stumbles on an old music box with instructions for “mesmerization” and discover they may have more in common than they thought.

Like a past life.

Using the instructions in the music box, Ben and Jenny share a dream that transports them to Romanov Russia and leads them to believe they have been there together before. But they weren’t alone. Nikolai, the mysterious young man Jenny has been seeing in her own dreams was there, too. When Nikolai appears next door, Jenny is forced to acknowledge that he has traveled through time and space to find her. Doing so means he has defied the laws of time, and the Order, an ominous organization tasked with keeping people in the correct time, is determined to send him back. While Ben, Jenny and Nikolai race against the clock -- and the Order -- the trio discovers a link that joins them in life -- and beyond death.
Publication date: September 10, 2013
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.

Ah, the true love of soul mates is such a wonderful thing. Endless, a more then perfect title, gives you a romantic, detailed adventure that you won't want to end.

Jenny is amazing. If I could be like anybody, it would be her. She is such a strong-willed, passionate, determined young woman who won't let anything or anyone stand in her way. Amanda put you right in her shoes, in her head and heart. Ben's demeanor is a put off at first. Once you get to know and understand him, he is hard not to love, too. You get to know him in quite an unconventional way, but that's what makes Ben great. Nikolai is the perfect complement to Jenny. He completes her in more ways then one. And I really loved that Amanda didn't make it all wishy-washy and sappy. It's a very classy love that fits amazingly well with both their time and the past.

I don't want to spoil anything because it's such a great story. Jenny's gift and burden, the lies she learns of, the betrayal, the romance and friendship are one of a kind. What Amanda has done with Endless is sure to become any readers favorite. I know I cannot wait for the next one and I'm sure you will feel the same.

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Amanda Gray believes in magic and fantasy and possibilities. She is a team of two bestselling authors who live only miles apart but have never met in person. They talk on the phone and are the best of friends and between them have written more than a dozen novels and novellas and have had their work appear on television.

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Thanks guys!  I can’t wait for this amazing tour to start, and to see all your posts!  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate in contacting me!  You all ROCK!

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  1. It's true. I am amazing. Oh, wait. You weren't talking about me where you Gabrielle? Dammit. There went my ego stroke for the day ;-) Glad this story worked so well for you, it sounds hugely romantic and I of course am a lover of all things romance. Also? That cover is stunning. I adore it:)

  2. Great review, Hannah! This sounds like a good read and I like how Ben grows on you. It sounds like it has some great character growth overall. Glad you liked it! :)

  3. Sometimes, the characters who are hard to love in the beginning are the ones I love the most in the end. But is this a love triangle? It reads like it might be and those...they're not my friend lately.

  4. I love reading about past life stories. It makes me wonder do we all have a past life that we have lived before.

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