Oct 1, 2013

Baltimore Book Festival 2013 Recap

This past weekend was the Baltimore Book Festival! It was an awesome weekend full of books, authors, and excitement that I was so happy to be a part of. This year the Maryland Romance Writers asked me and a few amazing bloggers to be on a blogger panel that was so much frickin' fun!

Here's a quick recap in pictures:

Me being all official with my pass.

Yeah, it says presenting author. Maybe a little wishful thinking on my part, but it was what all the panelists used.

 Lunch with two of my favorite bloggers: Liza from Reading With ABC and Jen from Jenuine Cupcakes/YABC

The first YA panel of the day with (L-R) Diana Peterfreund, Brigid Kemmerer, and Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Also on the panel was (L-R) Alethea Kontis, Dawn Rae Miller, and Lea Nolan 

Dinner later that night where Diana attempted to dine & dash (just kidding!) 

 Saturday MG/YA/NA panel with (L-R) Cheryl Klam, Em Garner, and Jennifer L. Armentrout

 Blogger panel! (L-R) Steph, Me, Jen, and Stacey

Hanging out with Jennifer L. Armentrout after our panel

I also got a copy of M.D. Waters' debut novel, ARCHETYPE. Not only do I love M.D. to pieces (she's my musical soul mate, guys. I kid you not.), but this book sounds so amazing! 
Check it out on GOODREADS

Saturday afternoon everyone seemed attached to the phones

An awesome new author, L.H. Nicole, actually filmed a huge chunk of the blogger panel. She let me upload it to YouTube so anyone who wanted to watch could:


Lea Nolan‎

Filmed by:
L.H. Nicole

And lastly, what fun is a book blogger panel if they don't give away a ton of free books?

So that was my weekend. I had an absolutely blast. Thank you so much to Lea Nolan for setting this up, L.H. Nicole for filming it, and my fellow panelists for being kick ass doing what you do. 


  1. Aww you guys look like you had a ton of fun. I had no idea you and Steph were doing a panel. Congratulations! Is it BEA time yet?

    1. It was so much fun! I adore Steph. <3

      And yes! It needs to be BEA time!

  2. Awesome Book Fair, kudos to the organizers! It's always so much fun to be with like-minded people. See you at ALA next for sure :)

    1. It was awesome! Thanks for giving adding to the book giveaway!

      Definitely see you at ALA in a few months!

  3. Oh wow, I'm so glad you enjoy this event! Great pics! :)


  4. Thanks for working your tech magic so the rest of us could watch/post the video! :D

    1. I shall go down in history as the girl who uploaded a video to YouTube! :D


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