Dec 4, 2013

Updates on Updates

I try not to post too much personal stuff on the blog, but there's been a notable absence around here lately. Totally wasn't our intention, but we all know life has a way of getting crazy, especially this time of the year.

Gabrielle is finishing her first semester at college (and I could not be more proud of her), and also works full time. And apparently also has to make time for her fiance, so you'll see more of her reviews once classes are done.

I did NaNoWriMo this past November and that sucked up a lot of my time (yes, another blogger who wants to be a writer - what are the odds?) in addition to work and a ton of book signings and things, which rocked but took away time from the blog.

It happens.

But now we're back, and we're so excited. Here's some stuff that you can expect around here in the next few weeks:

ARC Essentials: This idea was borne after I came back from PubCrawl 2013. I had a bunch of people, bloggers mostly, asking about ARCs and how to request them from publishers. I contacted a bunch of publicists I know from a variety of publishing houses and I'll be featuring a different one every week or two that will help break down in the ins an outs of requesting an ARC. 

(Some of you may remember The Story Siren did a similar series of posts called Dear Publisher a few years ago. When I started blogging, I devoured those posts, but a lot has changed since then. With Kristi's blessing, I'm hoping to update that info.)

BEA BLITZ 2014: Yes, the Blitz will be back this May. I will again be partnering with Lexie (Poisoned Rationality) and Nicole (Paperback Princess), as well as a few others to interview publishers, authors, bloggers, and more leading up to BEA 2014 this May.

I will also be updating my BEA Tips & Tricks posts when it gets to be time.

Speaking of BEA ... did y'all know you can register now?

Will I see any of you there?


  1. As I'm also a blogger with writer tendencies and author aspirations, I completely understand!

    So looking forward to your new features! I also devoured the Dear Publisher series, as that was when I first started blogging. I'm sure the publishers appreciate it, just because it lays down some guidelines as opposed to a free-for-all. And if you need any help with the BEA Blitz, I'd love to be a part of it. :) If not, I'll be reading and commenting anyway!!

  2. You might officially be my favorite person ever!! I'm trying to attend BEA for the first time this year and I am LOST. So many, many questions. I can't wait to read all the posts(: Also, if you have any wisdom to bestow on me, I would adore it!!
    Happy reading


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