Nov 19, 2014

Holiday Book Buys on a Budget

I am a huge holiday fan - I love seeing my family and friends and yes, I love gifting people things I know they'll love. And sometimes gifting myself (hey, I worked hard all year!), But it seems like this year I'm on a bit more of a budget due to a few unforeseen financial obstacles. Who knew you needed to get new brakes and tires for your car? Are those really essential?

That being said, I've been looking for ways to help out a bit with my holiday spending and I've found a few awesome deals for bookish gift giving.

Book Outlet is a new resource to me, but one I cannot wait to utilize. They have hundreds of deeply discounted books (think $6 for hardbacks and $3 for paperbacks). It is a fantastic way to buy books for friends and family (and you) without breaking the bank. Buying 3 books for the price of one is definitely making my wallet happy. They have everything from picture books to cookbooks and a massive YA section to boot so you can get books for anyone on your shopping list. 

I especially recommend checking it out on Black Friday because all their prices will be an extra 30% off and you can score a $10 off coupon. FREE BOOK MONEY, PEOPLE.

My cart is loaded and ready to go so next Friday all I have to do is log in and check out with my discounts. 

Swagbucks has been around for quite awhile now and I had honestly forgotten about it until recently. It's an online rewards system that gives you virutal bucks you can redeem for real prizes. Like gift cards. I've earned $65 in Amazon gift cards just for doing things like completing surveys and using my search engine. 

Right now I almost have enough for a $50 Amazon GC. That's definitely going to help out this holiday season. But it's not just Amazon - you can also redeem bucks for gift cards to Barnes and Noble, Sephora, Walmart, Target, Fandango, iTunes and a bunch of other. Or, if you'd rather get a prize, they have those, too - everything from electronics to travel vouchers. 

The amount of ways you can earn with Swagbucks is astounding - from buying on Groupon and tons of other websites to daily polls. In a month I've earned $4K in swagbucks.

3. Thrift Stores/Goodwill
I remember the year my brother finally got into reading. He was in his early 20's and discovered Tom Clancy. And me, being the good big sister I am, knew he needed books for Christmas. 

I was out shopping with my mom one day and we ran into Goodwill for something and I discovered their book section. THEIR BOOK SECTION. It was absolutely overflowing with discards and castoffs and I was able to buy my brother close to 20 Tom Clancy books (in really good condition - this is crucial because I'm a fanatic about the condition of books), and I only spent $7. I literally filled a large clothing box with books and he was comical trying to guess what was in that wrapped box (along with other presents I could afford to get him because I didn't blow that budget on books). 

Check out your local thrift stores and Goodwill locations for their books. You might have to spend a little time rummaging through the shelves (I know - the horror of spending a day immersed in book shelves), but you can find some absolute gems.

Around the holidays there are always giveaway hops going on. I've signed up to participate in several and I'll be making the rounds to enter myself. Not only does it help me find new blogs to check out, but it also gives another blogger a page hit and I can win a prize.

So take the time to check out some giveaway hops this season and win a prize for you.

5. Bookish-themed Ideas
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  1. I've never tried Swagbucks before, but I'll give it a shot. :) If you don't mind a little wear on your books, Better World Books is one of my go-to's. Free shipping in the US. :)

    And yes to Goodwill, thrift shops and library sales! You can't beat $.25 per book.


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