Nov 11, 2014

KGI Celebration: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the KGI Celebration here at The Irish Banana Review! Let's talk about some more heroes, shall we?

Ahh, the first novella of the KGI series. We go back to visit Rachel and Ethan, whose marriage has improved leaps and bounds, but it still a process. I loved checking back in where it all started and seeing how far this couple has come both as individuals and as a team.

This is a sweet glimpse into the KGI behind the scenes life (with some suspense and drama thrown in for good measure). Fans of this series have been craving this kind of reconnect with past favorites and I hope to see more in the future.

PJ has long been a favorite of mine. She and Cole are a pair of dynamite sharpshooters on one of the team and there has been an undercurrent of sexual tension between the two of them in every book that explodes here. As the only female on the team, PJ has always been in a league of her own, but this book demonstrates that even kickass females can be felled.

This book rocks because you get not one but two KGI operatives in a relationship. Savor it.

Steele, another team leader, has always been a stoic enigma for fans, but in this book we get a great look at the man behind the scowl. Maren is another favorite female of mine in this series. I love how deftly she is able to care for these guys as the unofficial team doctor.

Maren and Steele bring a calming balance to each other and I loved seeing their relationship play out. Definitely one of the better romances in the series.

After several books of team members, we finally get a new Kelly brother story. Van has always had a soft spot for women and kids that totally melts me. It is epically showcased in this book as he comes to the aid of a local family.

While I love Van, the highlight of the book was the chemistry explosion (FINALLY!!!!) between Sean and Rusty. Rusty entered the series in book one as a troubled runaway the Kelly's adopted into their fold and she has grown from a teen to a college student, but she and Sean have always had this antagonistic relationship that you just know is going to be it's own story. Hopefully soon.

Oh, Swanny. You broke my heart earlier on as a POW with Nathan who endured possibly more pain, but I've loved watching you thrive in your KGI role. And leave it to you, the guy with the scars, to fall for a stunning model. But thankfully this model is a breath of fresh air who is sweet and fun and a joy to read.

But this means that we're at book 9 and there are no more KGI novels left to read. Well, not yet anyway.

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