Apr 16, 2013

Author Interview: Katie Sise

I am so excited to have Katie Sise, author of The Boyfriend App, here today! Not only am I a huge fan of her fiction debut, but after chatting with her on Twitter and emailing, she seems like an awesome girl I would love to hang out with. And did I mention she's also on TV and a jewelry designer? 

Check out what Katie has to say about her new novel and what she's looking forward to this year!

1. Where did you come up with the idea for The Boyfriend App?
The Boyfriend App evolved over the course of several brainstorming sessions with literary agents Brenda Bowen and Dan Mandel. At first we thought the Boyfriend App could be simple: a way to match up guys and girls, like an ordinary dating app. But then we realized that it would be a lot more fun if Audrey, the main character, uncovered some very secret software to enhance the Boyfriend App...and then to watch the chaos that would ensue when it was unleashed. 

2. There's quite a bit of technical jargon in here - are you proficient at techie things, too, like Audrey?
Not at all! I was very lucky to have programmers teach me as I went. In particular, a programmer named Jason Scalia really opened up this world for me. He explained very complicated things in a way I could understand, but in so much detail that he made me feel like I was a hacker too! (I still get frustrated when I can't figure out how to download my photos into an album, so I guess, technically, I'm not a hacker yet...)

3. In addition to being a writer, you're also an awesome jewelry designer and have a television career! Why the jump to YA novels? 
I've always loved writing, even when I was very young. It was my dream to become a fiction writer, so even while I was designing jewelry and working on TV, I always wrote on the side! I wrote many, many stories...and then this one clicked. The wonderful thing about designing jewelry and doing TV was that I had a flexible schedule where I could sneak in some writing. That's how I wrote my first book, called CREATIVE GIRL, which is a nonfiction guide to making a living creatively. But fiction is even more fun than nonfiction! I had to write several novels to really figure out how to do it. Each one got better and better. (I think!) That's my best advice for anyone who wants to write! Just keep writing, and writing, and writing.

4. What books are you most excited about in 2013? 
I love the EVE trilogy by Anna Carey, and the final installment is coming soon. I've just started Nova Ren Suma's 17 & Gone, and it's excellent. Also excited for Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park. 

5. What comes next for you as a writer? 

I'm writing the followup book to THE BOYFRIEND APP, which I'm really excited about! I also like to work on new novel ideas on the side. It really helps my mind stay fresh if bounce back and forth between genres. So while the next book will be contemporary, like The Boyfriend App, I like to have another project going that's totally different (like dystopic, or paranormal) just to keep myself coming back to the computer each day. Writing is like a muscle to me, it feels good to stretch in different directions, and to work it every day. 

Thanks, Katie!

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Also, Katie will signing copies of The Boyfriend App at BEA this year, so make sure to see her and say hi if you're going!


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