Apr 21, 2013

BEA Tips & Tricks: Part 7

BEA 2013 Tips & Tricks
Part 7: Totes, Y'all!

So a few people have been asking me about what to bring to BEA (as in what to bring inside on the floor with you). I made a vlog that highlights the bag I'm using and what I'm bringing inside. For those who can't watch the blog, I have pictures and a quick summary of what the vlog basically says.

* the last like 6 seconds of the video cut off, but all you missed was me saying BYE!*

The Bag:
This year I went with a slightly bigger bag than last year. I wanted something that had structure to it so all my stuff wouldn't jumble into the bottom forcing me to host a digging expedition in the middle of BEA for my camera. I picked the Cindy Tote from Thirty-One. It's a great bag with an optional shoulder strap I can use to keep my hands free and plenty of space for everything I need, plus room to stash a book or two if need be.

The Essentials:
-Makeup bag
-Snacks (go with something simple like Goldfish, animal crackers, pretzels, etc.)
-Case for business cards
-Medications (tylenol, ibuprofen, pepto bismol, immodium, etc.)
-Portable batter charger*
-Water bottle*
*Not pictured

Again, these are just my suggestions and things I found helpful last year. I put all this stuff in my bag and was easily able to carry it. The idea isn't to weigh yourself down, but to help you have an easier, better experience.

Let me know if you have any questions, and also keep an eye out for THIS:

Starting May 1!

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    Also Yes to all the essentials. I also recommend a comb, hairband, lotion and hand sanitizer!

    1. So do I! As soon as I got it, I "tested" it by putting stuff in it and now I've been using it for 3 weeks. LOL. I love this bag.

      Oooh! I forgot hand sanitizer!

  2. YEAH TOTES! I don't know if they were there last year, but the first year I went, McGraw Hill had these amazingly enormous bright red tote bags they were handing out, and it's quite possibly my favorite thing ever. I would sleep with it under my pillow if that wasn't so weird. Did you see those last year? I can't remember, but I cram everything in that tote bag at BEA:) Can't wait for the blitz!

    1. Yup! They had that bag last year! I saw people walking around and was so jealous until I realized I would die if I loaded that and carried it for more than 10 minutes.

      If they have them again this year I may try and snag one because it'd make a great beach bag. ;)

  3. As always, a great post Hannah. As I posted before, last year I carried a Vera Bradley tote with everything under the sun and it was heavy and cumbersome. This year I'm thinking of taking a backpack (to better distribute the weight), but also carry a small crossbody (to have what I need handy)... I guess I'm just a pack rat!

    1. I know, I am, too! I strongly considered a backpack for a while there but then realized my biggest issue last year was not getting to my camera in time and a backback would hinder me again.

  4. Oh man, I still have my DK bag from 2011 and I use it all the time. It's amazing! I also like McGraw Hill's big red bag; I don't carry it around, though. I dump it off at the luggage holding area thing and fill it up throughout the day. Then I decant the books back into smaller bags to drag back to the hotel. That way I only pay once for storing a bag, but I don't have to carry a gazillion pound bag around with me. :D

    And YES. The purse flap is so annoying-- I brought a cross-body flap bag to the LA Times Festival of Books this month and while it was nice because it wasn't too heavy, the flap just about killed me. This year I'm going to bring my Le Sport Sac crossbody: it's big enough to hold everything I want to bring (schedule, pens, camera) AND it doesn't have a flap to get in my way. Yay!

    - Anastasia @ Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog

    1. I checked out that bag online and that looks cool!

      Those McGraw Hill bags are beasts! I always missed getting one!


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