Mar 27, 2011

Book Blogger Hop! (2)

Book Blogger Hop

Hosted by Jennifer @ Crazy-for-Books!

This week's question comes from Mina who blogs at Mina Burrows:

"If you could physically put yourself into a book or series…which one would it be and why?"

The Witch Wars series by Andrea Cremer. After reading Nightshade and becoming totally addicted to her fantastical world of werewolves and witchcraft, and of romance and adventure, there is no series I would rather be in. Besdies, with Calla off with Shay, I could make a play for Ren.


Give us five BOOK RELATED silly facts about you.
1. I have a book buying addiction. I honestly have over 100 books sitting on shelves or piles in my room that I haven't read, but I'm already wondering what to buy next.
2. I'm a book hoarder. Very rarely do I get rid of a book, hence why I currently own around 500 books. Hey, I still have my Little Golden books from childhood. Yeah, it's that bad.
3. I slept with a nightlight until I was 13 because I could angle the light at my bed and read until 1 am on school nights.
4. I'm absolutely fanatical about the conditions in which I keep my books. If they aren't in pristine condition I have no problem shelling out more money for a replacement.
5. I make soundtracks for books I really like. I have playlists on my iPod dedicated to my favorite series/novels.


  1. I can't read with music on, so no playlists for me.

    Happy hop


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